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To help you keep up with all the changes that are going on, we've started a regular series of informative posts about how RADD LLC is helping financial institutions navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. These posts fall into four categories:

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Discover how RADD LLC is engaging with clients to deliver exemplary internal auditing and compliance services to protect their brands, reputations, and bottom lines.

December 2021

RADD Engagement with a $10M Money Services Business in North Carolina

October 2021

RADD Engages with a $5.5B credit union in lowa to assist on the BSA model validation

RADD Team Starts working with a $1B Bank Based in Southern California

RADD LLC Engaged With a $1B bank in California to manage their CMS program and provide fractional support as their outsourced compliance management officer

BSA/AML Program enhancement for an NYC credit union

March 2021

RADD LLC serves as the outsourced Vendor Manager…

$4B Southern California Credit Union has asked RADD LLC to perform a comprehensive review…

$1.2B So Cal CU hired us to complete their MERS audit for 2020

$200M Southern California Bank awarded us with two audits

$8B Iowa Credit Union has an annual subscription and has engaged us for a compliance project and BSA audit

$8B Iowa Credit Union: annual subscription to RADD ASSIST, Compliance Project and BSA Audit

A $300M Southern California bank awarded us to complete 9 audits in 2021.

$300M Southern California Bank that awarded us with auditing these two high risk areas

$900M southern California bank that to perform their annual SOX testing

$900M Credit Union is Southern California for engaging us to perform 14 audits in 2021

January 2021

The $600M Bank in So Ca has give us opportunity and awarded us with 6 audits for 2021.


Our Clients Say It Best

Director of Operations

$300M Bank in Southern California

“Our bank hired Radhika from RADD LLC to serve as the Interim Compliance and BSA Officer with the sudden departure of the long term compliance officer. It was discovered that Compliance and BSA functions were severely neglected. Over the course of the year with us, she brought our programs current and in compliance with current regulations such as bringing board policies current, updated the BSA Software, and performed extensive reviews of client accounts. As a result, we successfully passed our Safety and Soundness exam and the EIC specifically commented on the work performed by RADD LLC. Radhika and her team are very knowledgeable in all aspects of compliance, I highly recommend RADD LLC for any project, regardless of size."

Compliance Officer

$300M Community Bank in Southern California

"Frank was a pleasure and easy to work with. Frank is knowledgeable and extremely helpful, he assisted our bank with managing the CCPA project and process, making recommendations for the project plan and assignment of tasks. He was professional and prompt in reviewing documents, providing feedback, and keeping us on task by following-up with deadlines. Everyone on our team enjoyed working with him."

Chief Credit Officer

$300M Bank in Orange County California

"I have had the pleasure of Radhika S. Dholakia assisting with the Partners Bank of California CRA Program. Radhika has been instrumental in reviewing our current CRA program and recommending changes. The areas that Radhika assisted included the CRA Policy, Self-Assessment, Performance Context, referring the Bank to a company that gives the Bank the ability to run our own Self-Assessment at any time. Radhika was on-site and available by phone or email (even while on vacation in Europe)! I cannot say enough about Radhika and how much she has prepared the Bank this CRA Officer for our CRA Program and upcoming CRA Exam."

VP - Enterprise Risk Management

Federal Credit Union in Southern California

Anyone looking for a great audit company should consider RADD.  Radhika and her team of audit pros are great to work with, super thorough, and cost efficient.  I've enjoyed working with the team through 4 audits in 2020 and our Supervisory Committee appreciates the report quality.  I highly recommend this group.  Feel free to reach out for my reference!

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December 2021

Threat Assessment: The Steps You Need to Take to Complete One

The Complete Guide to GLBA Compliance and Audits

November 2021

Navigating A Changing Landscape

10 Most Common Compliance Risks and How to Avoid Them

The FTC Red Flag Rules: What Your Institution Needs to Know

October 2021

Positive Risk and Negative Risk: The Tools Your Institutions Needs to Weigh Them

Organizational Readiness Assessments: Why They Are Important for Your Institution

Risk Management, Risk Assessment, and Risk Analysis: What’s the Difference and What You Need to Know

September 2021

15 Strategies for Effective Policy Management

Learn How Virtual Currencies Can Impact Your Business and What You Should Be Doing About It Now

August 2021

The Top Emerging Risks in 2021 As Seen By Bank CCO’s

Audit Procedure: 9 Types of Testing Methods You Need to Know

July 2021

All You Need to Know About Internal Audits: How to Pick the Right Audit Partner

What You Need to Know About Regulation E Liability and P2P Payments (and the Compliance Challenges They Pose)

April 2021

Russell Report – $50 Billion Left

Russell Report – Camera, Lights…

March 2021

Russell Report – What goes down…

No News is…

Things to Beware Of

The Race to the Finish for PPP Loans

PPP and SBA Update

February 2021

Russell Report – Presidents Day

PPP – Hurry up…

PPP Winners…

January 2021

EIDLing the Engine: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

PPP Update – Forgiveness can wait…

The United States has found itself divided on nearly everything in recent months

PPP Second Draw. It’s Coming…

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