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Is Your Financial Institution Compliant?

Your business in the financial services industry, may at times, seem as if it is sinking into a hectic regulatory quagmire. Like a lotus emerging from muddy waters, your bank, credit union, or FinTech business can rise above the murky pool of compliance with proper risk advisement, direction and delivery from RADD LLC. Our knowledgeable consultants create plans and programs that assist you in operating and navigating within established lines of compliance and regulatory landscape. When you have a sound compliance program, you reduce the possibility of regulatory scrutiny, fines, poor audits, financial losses, insufficient due diligence/follow-up, and related issues.


With RADD LLC. on your side, you can transfer your worry about regulatory compliance to us. Our consultants use their years of experience and knowledge to customize services according to your needs. Based in Santa Ana, California, we have a proven track record of success with clients nationwide—we will help you meet your objectives.

Your organization can benefit by allowing us to serve as your virtual, on-site, interim or project based Compliance Officer. Change is constant, as your trusted advisor we keep abreast of the requirements to provide you with optimal services.

Mission Statement:

Envision what is possible and translate into actions that which optimize returns while mitigating risk.

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