Call for a Free Consultation Today  +1 (833) RADD-LLC

Call for a Free Consultation Today  +1 (833) RADD-LLC

Safeguard your financial institution against the risks of money laundering with the guidance and expertise of our CAMS certified consultants. As the frequency of regulatory enforcement actions due to inadequate BSA/AML Programs increases, it becomes crucial to protect your institution.

Our team of BSA/AML compliance consulting professionals specializes in assisting financial institutions in establishing a comprehensive Risk-Based Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance program. This program is specifically designed to detect and report potentially suspicious transactions, ensuring your institution remains compliant.

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we provide innovative solutions that encompass policy development, risk assessment, design of internal controls, detection procedures, and training. By partnering with us, you can establish robust BSA/AML programs, policies, and procedures that guarantee accurate recordkeeping.

With over 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance and internal auditing for financial institutions, our consultants possess the necessary skills to help your organization adopt forward-thinking approaches that mitigate risk exposure. RADD ensures the accuracy of your recordkeeping at all times.

Moreover, we offer a customized program designed to assist you in complying with the 5 Pillars of the BSA/AML Program. Recognizing that a weak pillar can jeopardize your entire program and subject your organization to additional regulatory scrutiny, we meticulously address each pillar to reinforce your compliance efforts.

Our methodology revolves around gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business and its unique nuances. This allows us to tailor the program to your specific needs and address any potential gaps in monitoring and reporting.

In addition to guidance, we also provide assistance in preparing program requirements that enable you to assess your risk and plan for adequate staffing. By partnering with us, you can proactively measure and manage your institution’s risk while staying ahead of regulatory expectations.

BSA/AML Policies and Procedures

BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessments

Audit or Consent Order Remediation

Complete look-back projects for CDD, EDD and SAR Review

Team of BSA Analysts for back-log projects

Alert review and management

BSA AML model validate a. Risk Rating Methodologies b. Board Reports and BSA Dashboards c. Implementation, Review, Monitoring and Maintenance of Marijuana Related Banking (MRB)

Due Diligence and Site Visits for High Risk Accounts