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Call for a Free Consultation Today  +1 (833) RADD-LLC

Compliance Risk Has Its Benefits

When you choose RADD LLC, your financial institution will be guided towards effective Compliance Risk Management in full alignment with industry regulations. In addition, you can expect notable enhancements in your company’s productivity and profitability.

At RADD LLC, we specialize in delivering strategic planning and Compliance Risk management services to a diverse range of participants within the financial markets. Our clientele includes market operators, regulatory bodies, public policy officials, vendors, and third-party service providers.

Within these offerings, we collaborate closely with your Compliance Risk management team to identify the precise services needed to achieve your strategic goals and meet regulatory requirements.

Our core services encompass strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and risk management for all stakeholders in the financial markets. These services are administered by seasoned professionals who possess a deep understanding of market dynamics and excel in applying best-practice methodologies tailored to your specific business requirements.

RADD LLC extends its strategic planning, risk management, and regulatory consulting expertise to a wide spectrum of financial markets participants, encompassing market operators, regulatory authorities, public policy officials, vendors, and third-party service providers. We work hand in hand with our clients to adeptly navigate regulatory proposals, proactively manage risks, and leverage the strengths of their existing business models.

Compliance Risk Assessments Including Implementation and Maintenance

Exam Preparation

Enterprise Wisk Risk Assessment

Perform Compliance Monitoring and Testing

Project Management

Remediate Audit and Exam exceptions

Staffing Assessments

Third Party Risk Programs, including Outsourcing Vendor Management.

SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance/FIDUCA Compliance

Add Cannabis & Hemp Compliance

Add Policy & Procedure Development and Updates

Business Continuity Planning, Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery and Pandemic Planning.

Community Reinvestment Act: Strategic plan, Monitoring, Tracking, data scrubs, and performance context preparation

DeNovo Compliance: build out of Compliance infrastructure and Implementation of High Risk Banking Programs

HMDA Review and Data Scrub Compliance

Product and Process Specific Risk Assessments