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RADD Partners

Here at RADD LLC, we’re only as good as the people and resources we partner with. To ensure that you have a tremendous experience with us, we’ve selected business partners that share key common attributes. These firms share our core values; we have complementary skill sets and we have a proven track record of working together cohesively for the benefit of our common client partners. Most importantly, we’re honest with each other and with you about what we can accomplish. We’ll even recommend other organizations if their skill sets offer you services that are outside of our core competencies.



Partner Type: Sofware development and IT 

TrueNorth is one of the most successful software development companies in the world, having built three fintech unicorns from scratch: LendingClub, Upgrade and Dianrong.


SEI Sphere

Partner Type: 

SEI Sphere provides comprehensive, turnkey cybersecurity and IT solutions
designed to simplify cybersecurity by protecting businesses across their
entire digital surface area.

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Agora Services

Partner Type: 

Agora, a Bank service provider, helps Banks & Credit Unions enhance their digital experience without replacing their core banking system. Agora’s modular banking technology accelerates digital journeys and implements cutting-edge Fintech products to boost deposits and revenues. Financial Institutions and Fintech can also launch standalone digital solutions using Agora’s challenger bank platform and advanced Fintech ecosystem.

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Hawk AI provides a real-time, cloud-based software solution for the automated detection of suspected cases of financial crime and money laundering. Hawk AI’s platform features Payment (Counterparty) Screening, Transaction Monitoring, Customer List Screening, and Customer Risk Rating modules.

Hawk AI

Partner Type:  Software Partner

Hawk AI provides a real-time, cloud-based software solution for the automated detection of suspected cases of financial crime and money laundering. Hawk AI’s platform features Payment (Counterparty) Screening, Transaction Monitoring, Customer List Screening, and Customer Risk Rating modules.

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Partner Type:  IT partner

Ncontracts is a leading provider of SaaS-based compliance and risk management software and services to financial institutions. Our GRC solutions cover vendor management, enterprise risk management, business continuity, compliance, audit and findings management, employee engagement, company culture alignment, and cybersecurity. We provide seamless management of the complete lifecycle of risk and compliance, backed by dedicated support, unlimited training, and guaranteed accuracy.

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Shield Compliance

Partner Type:  Compliance  partner

Shield Compliance transforms how financial institutions manage risk, comply with regulations, and satisfy operational demands associated with serving the legal cannabis market. Its purpose-built AML/BSA compliance management software solution sits behind the financial institution to simplify compliance management, accelerate the new client application and underwriting process, and enable digital payments.

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Partner Type: Automated Business Account Opening Partner

DocFox is the leading provider of automated business account opening for banks and credit unions and automated institutional account onboarding for crypto companies and fintechs. DocFox clients screen applications, analyze documents and conduct BSA reviews for complex entities and related parties, all without any manual work. This means institutions can deliver on the promise of exceptional onboarding experiences, all while maintaining the necessary rigor of security and compliance, regardless of account complexity or risk. DocFox is trusted by over 260 institutions worldwide.

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Howkap LLC

Partner Type: Strategy, Vendor Selection, Pricing, and Contract Negotiation

After nearly 25 years in fintech, selling and marketing technology to banks and credit unions, Howard has recently started his own advisory firm (Howkap LLC).  Howkap LLC focuses on strategy, vendor selection, pricing, and contract negotiation… it’s amazing how effective and efficient the process can be when working with Howard.  Because of his experience, he understands how to think like a vendor but act on behalf of his clients.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Prior to Howkap LLC, Howard was part of the North American Leadership Team at Mambu, a next-generation, cloud-based core banking solution, and spent 15 years at FIS, where he had responsibility for their largest, most complex, and highest profile sales and renewal opportunities.

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Our Clients Say It Best

“Our bank hired Radhika from RADD LLC to serve as the Interim Compliance and BSA Officer with the sudden departure of the long term compliance officer. It was discovered that Compliance and BSA functions were severely neglected. Over the course of the year with us, she brought our programs current and in compliance with current regulations such as bringing board policies current, updated the BSA Software, and performed extensive reviews of client accounts. As a result, we successfully passed our Safety and Soundness exam and the EIC specifically commented on the work performed by RADD LLC. Radhika and her team are very knowledgeable in all aspects of compliance, I highly recommend RADD LLC for any project, regardless of size.”

Director of Operations
$300M Bank in Southern California

“Frank was a pleasure and easy to work with. Frank is knowledgeable and extremely helpful, he assisted our bank with managing the CCPA project and process, making recommendations for the project plan and assignment of tasks. He was professional and prompt in reviewing documents, providing feedback, and keeping us on task by following-up with deadlines. Everyone on our team enjoyed working with him.”

Compliance Officer
$300M Community Bank in Southern California

“I have had the pleasure of Radhika S. Dholakia assisting with our bank’s CRA program. Radhika has been instrumental in reviewing our current CRA program and recommending changes. The areas that Radhika assisted included the CRA Policy, Self-Assessment, Performance Context, referring the Bank to a company that gives the Bank the ability to run our own Self-Assessment at any time. Radhika was on-site and available by phone or email (even while on vacation in Europe)! I cannot say enough about Radhika and how much she has prepared the Bank this CRA Officer for our CRA Program and upcoming CRA Exam.”

Chief Credit Officer
$300M Bank in Orange County California

Anyone looking for a great audit company should consider RADD. Radhika and her team of audit pros are great to work with, super thorough, and cost efficient. I’ve enjoyed working with the team through 4 audits in 2020 and our Supervisory Committee appreciates the report quality. I highly recommend this group. Feel free to reach out for my reference!

VP - Enterprise Risk Management
Credit Union in Southern California - audit company

“Radhika’s work product is excellent. She is thorough, detailed and her narratives were clear, concise, and effectively outlined the Bank’s efforts to meet CRA regulatory requirements.”

President & CEO

“RADD has radically improved our vendor management process, they are awesome.”

Executive Vice President of Accounting

“I would highly recommend Radhika Dholakia for her knowledge and expertise in all areas of Regulatory Compliance, particularly Community Reinvestment Act compliance.”

President & CEO

“I wanted to take a moment and express how much we appreciate working with Rose-Marie from RADD LLC. She is so knowledgeable, incredibly responsive, and she understands credit unions. Her work is thorough, and she takes the time to research Texas law, which tends to be a little different most of the time. I have nothing but great things to share about Rose-Marie and I know my team feels the same way. We are so appreciative that we get to work with Rose-Marie and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate her. “

Chief Operating Officer
Texas-based Credit Union


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