RADD Assist

RADD Assist is a robust help desk portal designed to help credit unions of any size navigate complex regulations while reducing the costs associated with compliance and policy review.

RADD Assist is a comprehensive help desk portal specifically designed to assist credit unions of all sizes in navigating complex regulations and reducing the costs associated with compliance and policy review.


How much time does your team spend researching compliance questions and staying up to date on changing regulations? If it’s more than a minute here and there, that time can really start to add up!

The constant need to stay on top of compliance takes your team away from more important work. But there’s a solution.

At RADD Assist, we have compliance experts so you don’t have to be one. Our team is available to provide accurate, timely answers to any question within 24 hours.

Try RADD Assist risk-free for 30 days. Submit all your pressing compliance questions and see how much time we can save you while ensuring you remain compliant.

Focus your team on what they do best while we tackle the regulatory details. Start your no-obligation free trial today.

Simplify the Way Your Company Stays Compliant

Understanding current regulations does not always have to be complicated. With RADD Assist, you can stay compliant with the latest Federal and state regulations.

Eliminate the Chance of Being Misinformed

Unlike some other platforms, we don’t source from the internet to provide you with information. Rather, our service gives you access to a platform with actual compliance officers who answer any questions you may have.

Keep Your Business Compliant 24/7

We know that staying compliant can involve understanding multiple laws simultaneously, which can be time-consuming. However, we give you access to a helpdesk, allowing you to communicate with experts anytime with an assured response time within 24 hours.

30 day limited FREE trial”

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

At RADD Assist, we believe you deserve pricing transparency upfront. Here is are our simple, asset-based pricing tiers: 

  • Under $500 million in assets: $3,000/year
  • $500 million – $1 billion in assets: $5,000/year
  • Over $1 billion in assets: $7,500/year

While this may initially seem like a substantial investment at first, consider the potential costs of noncompliance fines, lawsuits, and reputation damage if you don’t have ready access to compliance experts. A single penalty could easily exceed your RADD Assist membership for an entire year.

With RADD Assist, you can submit unlimited compliance questions around the clock to our knowledgeable team. We provide accurate, timely answers to reduce your regulatory risk and avoid enforcement actions. Our experts free up your staff to focus on member service, not chasing compliance insights.

Don’t let a lack of compliance support put your credit union at risk. The cost of just one fine would make a RADD Assist membership worthwhile.


“Our bank hired Radhika from RADD LLC to serve as the Interim Compliance and BSA Officer with the sudden departure of the long term compliance officer. It was discovered that Compliance and BSA functions were severely neglected. Over the course of the year with us, she brought our programs current and in compliance with current regulations such as bringing board policies current, updated the BSA Software, and performed extensive reviews of client accounts. As a result, we successfully passed our Safety and Soundness exam and the EIC specifically commented on the work performed by RADD LLC. Radhika and her team are very knowledgeable in all aspects of compliance, I highly recommend RADD LLC for any project, regardless of size.”

Director of Operations
$300M Bank in Southern California

“Frank was a pleasure and easy to work with. Frank is knowledgeable and extremely helpful, he assisted our bank with managing the CCPA project and process, making recommendations for the project plan and assignment of tasks. He was professional and prompt in reviewing documents, providing feedback, and keeping us on task by following-up with deadlines. Everyone on our team enjoyed working with him.”

Compliance Officer
$300M Community Bank in Southern California

“I have had the pleasure of Radhika S. Dholakia assisting with our bank’s CRA program. Radhika has been instrumental in reviewing our current CRA program and recommending changes. The areas that Radhika assisted included the CRA Policy, Self-Assessment, Performance Context, referring the Bank to a company that gives the Bank the ability to run our own Self-Assessment at any time. Radhika was on-site and available by phone or email (even while on vacation in Europe)! I cannot say enough about Radhika and how much she has prepared the Bank this CRA Officer for our CRA Program and upcoming CRA Exam.”

Chief Credit Officer
$300M Bank in Orange County California

Anyone looking for a great audit company should consider RADD. Radhika and her team of audit pros are great to work with, super thorough, and cost efficient. I’ve enjoyed working with the team through 4 audits in 2020 and our Supervisory Committee appreciates the report quality. I highly recommend this group. Feel free to reach out for my reference!

VP - Enterprise Risk Management
Credit Union in Southern California - audit company

“Radhika’s work product is excellent. She is thorough, detailed and her narratives were clear, concise, and effectively outlined the Bank’s efforts to meet CRA regulatory requirements.”

President & CEO

“RADD has radically improved our vendor management process, they are awesome.”

Executive Vice President of Accounting

“I would highly recommend Radhika Dholakia for her knowledge and expertise in all areas of Regulatory Compliance, particularly Community Reinvestment Act compliance.”

President & CEO

“I wanted to take a moment and express how much we appreciate working with Rose-Marie from RADD LLC. She is so knowledgeable, incredibly responsive, and she understands credit unions. Her work is thorough, and she takes the time to research Texas law, which tends to be a little different most of the time. I have nothing but great things to share about Rose-Marie and I know my team feels the same way. We are so appreciative that we get to work with Rose-Marie and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate her. “

Chief Operating Officer
Texas-based Credit Union