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Designed to provide you with a wealth of valuable tools, information, and support at the click of a button, the tools and resources page is a one-stop-shop for various aspects of your journey with us.

Whether you need resources for your Fintech company, are wanting help with regulations for your Cannabis company, or are looking for help with vendor management, we have you covered. If you simply want to read through our available publications, or peruse our forms and rates, you will find just about everything you need in the links below. We’re here to empower you on your journey.

Explore, learn, and thrive with the links provided below. If you have any further questions or need more assistance, feel free to reach out at any time through our contact page.

Regulatory Calendar, Forms, Rates and Publications

Ready to get started with us? Here are all the resources you need to book an appointment with us or answer any questions about dates, forms, and rates. Take time to glean information about our company and processes at your own pace.

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Fintech Companies Toolkit

Looking for a comprehensive resource hub for navigating the ever-evolving world of financial technology? Click here to find an array of essential tools and resources to help empower your financial endeavors.

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Cannabis Companies Regulatory Checklist

Here we have indispensable resources for both budding entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry as well as those more experienced but needing help sifting through the complex world of cannabis regulations. Let us help you comply with the law as you stay informed and thrive responsibly.

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Vendor Management Checklist

Effective vendor management is key in receiving quality products and services. Minimize risks and costs by streamlining relationships with your vendors through this vendor management checklist. We can help you ensure you have the tools you need to maintain efficient and productive operations.

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5 Steps to Hiring an Internal Audit Firm

Considering an internal audit partner for your financial institution? Our guide provides essential insights to help you make the best choice. Discover a structured approach, informed by RADD LLC’s HEART values, to ensure you select a firm that aligns with your unique needs and maintains the highest standards of compliance and integrity.

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