RADD is one of the leading internal audit and compliance firms for the Cannabis industry. We perform “Due Diligence” audits for financial institutions and operators. The due diligence process gives both financial institutions and cannabis operators a bird’ eye view of their business.

RADD has a robust onboarding process for financial institutions (Checklist, Red Flag Indicators, and Due Diligence Package), BSA/AML policies and procedures, BSA/AML staffing support, and my many tools to provide support to the financial institution.

Operators use RADD to ensure they meet compliance standards for the state and city they are operating. We perform on-site and remote audits of Agriculture, Processing, Laboratories, Safe services, Transportations, Dispensaries, and in all areas Cannabis.

The RADD staff has combined over 10 years of experience in Cannabis, which shows RADD has been a part of the compliance firms for the Cannabis industry  from the beginning. Meaning RADD would be a great partner to have in the Cannabis Industry.

We take a team approach with industry experts and internal audit expert that garner specialized knowledge in Cannabis compliance and legislation. We also provide industry expertise for financial institutions who are struggling to comply with the new and existing  regulations.


On-Site Review


Financial Review


Licensing and Insurance


Vendor Management

  1. Ancillary Vendor review


“We will help you optimize your returns, mitigate risk and protect your brand”